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How to Know if an Auto Repair Shop is Right For You

If something goes wrong with your car, then chances are you will have to pay a professional to fix the problem. If you don’t know a lot about how cars are built, that puts you completely at the mercy of the auto mechanic when it comes to the final assessment of the repairs needed, as well as how much it will cost you. As someone who doesn’t want to throw money down the drain, this situation obviously puts you in a predicament. The best way to protect yourself is to find an auto repair shop that you can trust. But how do you do that? Here are some signs that an auto repair shop is right for you:

They come with recommendations.

An auto repair shop’s reputation in the community is one of the best indicators of that shop’s quality of service and customer care. Everyone has car troubles at some point or another, so it shouldn’t be hard to get some good, solid opinions for guidance. Ask around for recommendations from friends, family, and coworkers, and create a list of options from there.

They have the right kind of experience.

Some auto repair shops specialize in certain makes and models. You need to find a shop that has plenty of experience working on cars like yours. For example, if you drive a domestic pick-up truck, then a shop that specializes in exotic foreign sports cars most likely won’t be able to help, no matter how great their service is.
They are willing to look at your car for free.

A reputable auto repair shop should offer to check out your automobile and give you a quote of the work needed, parts needed, and cost of all repairs before they ask you to hand over any money.

They have great customer service.

Part of the process of researching potential auto repair shops should include calling and asking to speak with someone about your specific circumstances. If you have a hard time getting through to a live person, or if the person on the other end of the line isn’t helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to discuss your auto problem to your satisfaction, then that should be a red flag; it is likely those customer service issues will extend into the auto repair itself, and it is a good idea to move on.

Finding the right auto repair shop for you can be a little intimidating. If you want quality service from a name you can trust, then you should put this important job into the hands of experienced professionals like us, CCT Auto Trans. We can be reached at

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Services A Good Auto Repair Shop Should Offer

Services A Good Auto Repair Shop Should Offer

Although certain auto mechanics shops may specialize in repairs of their choice, every auto repair shop should offer a basic menu of services. Want to know what to expect from your auto repair shop? Here are five main services your auto repair shop should offer:


Check engine light. Almost everyone who has been driving a car for an extended period of time has experienced this very common problem. Your check engine light may turn on for a variety of reasons. It could mean something as serious as a failed electrical component, or as minimal as a blown fuse. Either way, the check engine light is something that you should address as soon as possible, and any auto repair shop should be able to identify the cause at no charge to you.


Oil changes. In order to keep your vehicle running as smoothly as possible, it is important that you keep up with its maintenance schedule, as outlined in the owner’s manual. Oil changes are part of that maintenance plan. An oil change at an auto shop should include oil – the higher grade oil, the more costly the job. However, oil changes are some of the least expensive maintenance services there are.


Wheel alignments. If all four of your car’s wheels are not properly aligned, you may experience a number of different problems while driving. These include pulling to one side or another (especially while braking), instability while cornering turns, and uneven wearing of your tires. For the utmost safety while driving (and to extend the life of your tires and struts), it is a good idea to get your wheels aligned routinely.


Brakes. Brake problems are nearly unmistakable. That’s because brakes literally scream at you when they need your attention. A good auto repair shop should not only be able to replace your brake pads, but also repair your brake lines/hoses, fix rotor and drum problems, and flush out your brake fluid.


Timing belt and water pump. Generally speaking, you should replace your water pump whenever you replace your timing belt, because they both tend to go at the same time. If your timing belt breaks, your engine will stop running; therefore, you want to replace it before that happens. Your owner’s manual will tell you when to replace the timing belt for your particular make and model vehicle.


Finding the right auto repair shop for you can be a little intimidating. If you want quality service from a name you can trust, then you should put your auto repairs into the hands of experienced professionals like us. We can be reached by email:


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